Wednesday, January 26, 2011


When the noise rains
all around me,
Lead me beside quiet waters
that I might hear Your voice.

When worry and anxiety
bow me low,
Lift my spirits
with words of promise.

When discouragement clouds my view
for lack of worldly praise,
Draw my eyes to Your face
that I might see true worth.

When the circumstances
beat me down,
Hide me in the shelter
of Your wings.

When my steps grow weary
and I think I can't go on
Carry me, cradle me
in Your strong arms.

When my heart beats wild
with fear and doubt,
Still the throbbing
with the gift of faith.

"For You are my hiding place
You protect me from trouble
You surround me with songs of victory."*

*Psalm 32:7

linking to One Stop Poetry and to Emily's imperfect prose