Wednesday, January 26, 2011


When the noise rains
all around me,
Lead me beside quiet waters
that I might hear Your voice.

When worry and anxiety
bow me low,
Lift my spirits
with words of promise.

When discouragement clouds my view
for lack of worldly praise,
Draw my eyes to Your face
that I might see true worth.

When the circumstances
beat me down,
Hide me in the shelter
of Your wings.

When my steps grow weary
and I think I can't go on
Carry me, cradle me
in Your strong arms.

When my heart beats wild
with fear and doubt,
Still the throbbing
with the gift of faith.

"For You are my hiding place
You protect me from trouble
You surround me with songs of victory."*

*Psalm 32:7

linking to One Stop Poetry and to Emily's imperfect prose



Donnetta said...

Oh friend, tears forming as reading this touches such a raw place in my heart right now.

If you don't mind (I'm pretty sure you won't), I am going to print this off and pray it as a prayer of my own heart in the moments and days to come.

P.S. In case you hadn't noticed, (ha) I have figured out how to comment here again. I figured it was something with my computer. It was. So glad I figured it out!

One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers and Artists said...

amen.....very well structured read..all the best pete

Sandy said...

You write the truth of His word so
beautifully and simply, Linda.

grammy said...

very nice Linda (o:

Laura said...

"Still the throbbing with the gift of faith."

This line called out to me, my friend. What a beautiful poem. Sending love.

B. Meandering said...

I shake my head at your ability to mold words into poems seemingly effortless. Writing poetry is a tough one for me. I can write stories, am 'famous' for my letters, write histories in scrapbooks, and am an avid journal keeper, but poetry intimidates me --yes, me the English teacher.
I'm wanting to try and you're part of that reason. I see how you express so much in few words--one of the beauties of poetry--unless you're writing a ballad epic poem, you want conciseness. You have that. You all have rhythem, flow, and imagery. You soothe, minister, and bless. Thank you.

I also enjoyed the previous post. Quality over quantity---esp. when I'm creating something, I want to take my time and enjoy the process---that's the part that most helps me. Perhaps kindred spirits in some ways?! :)

Loni said...

This is beautiful . . . thank you for so simply sharing your prayer . . .

S. Etole said...

Your words reach the places in my heart that need reaching ... you have a beautiful heart.

Mama Zen said...


-t- said...

praising Him that He is ever faithful... and thankful that you too know this Truth :)

Anonymous said...

Still the throbbing

i like... thanks for posting.

Dawn said...

I sound like a broken record, but it is all I can think to say - just beautiful, as usual. You have such a gift!

Belinda said...

I feel comforted after reading this. A wonderful prayerful poem.

I'm visiting through Emily's Imperfect Prose.

Brian Miller said...

amen....your poem feels like a psalm itself...and a prayer...which i def echo...

Courtney Walsh said...

I lingered over the part about worry and anxiety...really needed that part today.

Leslie said...

thank you for this lovely poem of prayer...

Bev said...

sweet linda, thank you for this today...

Kati patrianoceu said...

What a beautiful prayer, one that should probably be repeated at least once a day!

emily wierenga said...

oh Linda.... this is absolutely beautiful. i need to write it out and pin it above my desk. yes, Lord, when worldly praise fails, let me not sway from you. oh, that i would desire only his affirmation. Have I told you lately that I love you? Because I do, dear Linda. xo

Melissa Campbell said...

Your prayer-words are beautiful. I think I might just print this out and put it where I can see it always. His light shines in the dark, and the dark has to flee! Thank you, friend. Joy blessings to you!

Bethany Ann said...

the imagery is just right. every heart that hides in Him resonates with your words.