Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Slowing Down

My Aunt Fannie introduced me to knitting when I was just a little girl. I have loved it ever since. There is something about it that soothes my spirit. I find that if I set it aside for any length of time, I am eventually drawn back to it - longing to feel the needles in my hands.

Some time last year I discovered that there is another style of knitting. Aunt Fannie taught me to knit English Style, but there is also Continental Style. Some of the other bloggers knit that way and said they found it to be much faster. Hmmm...faster. I decided to give it a try.

I printed out instructions, but found it difficult to teach my fingers to do something new. I decided to visit you-tube to see if there were any helpful videos, which of course there were. It is much easier for me to learn something new if I can see it. Before long I was knitting Continental Style and just zipping right along.

I was in the process of knitting a sweater (just as quickly as I could), when I took a good hard look at my knitting. The stitches looked strange. They were no longer uniform and neat; they were uneven and rather messy looking. It seems I had traded fast for quality.

I kept looking at those stitches and finally could stand it no longer. I ripped out all the work I had done and went back to knitting English Style - the one that was comfortable for me. It is true it takes a bit longer, but the finished product was so much more satisfying.

I realized something else as I began knitting all over again - it was the process I enjoyed. It didn't have to be accomplished quickly. I got that sense of peace when I took my time and relaxed as stitch after stitch eventually formed something special.

It is what I am trying to do with every area of my life as I think about "Quiet" this year. To step back and slow down and savor the moments. I miss so much when my life is hurried - running from one thing to the next with little time to even think about what I'm doing. I know it is necessary sometimes, but surely there are moments to be savored. Conversations with loved ones, reading a book, doing things around the house, reading posts and leaving thoughtful comments... so many moments that can slip through my fingers when I am anxious to get through them so I can get on to the next thing.

Quiet my heart Lord and help me to savor the moments.



  1. I know just what you mean. It is the rhythmic stitching which soothes so much.The end result is not all that important (she says as she crochets yet another scarf!)
    I am learning to be still and that is the hardest part in my quest for Quiet this year. One of the suggestions was to listen to relaxation cds and switch off the phone and not let anythign intrude on the moment. Hmmm. Hard. I NEVER leave the phone, and that in itself is a huge step!
    I am with you, my friend. Time to slow down and really savour each moment.

  2. There's quiet reassurance in these words ... a rest.

  3. yes a quiet peace in these words, Linda.

    My word for this year is MERCY.

    God is indeed showing me and I cry out often for His mercy.... cry mercy for the children in poverty, for our sponsored children.

    I am learning about MERCY daily.

    I am thankful for YOU.


  4. Sounds nice and relaxing. I hope you
    will show us what you have done when
    you're finished.

  5. I learned how to knit in Home Economics in grade school but never kept up with it. I so admire all of you who know how to knit, crochet, etc. At least you gave the Continental Style of knitting a try and it gave you a chance to realize how much you enjoy knitting the way you were taught by your aunt:-) My mom use to crochet a lot and I remember sitting there watching her hands at work, also remember her saying how soothing it was for her. Slowing down the pace of life sounds good:-) xoxo

  6. Oh I know what you mean about sacrificing quality for speed. That can be true of so many areas of life. I don't blame you for going back to what you are comfortable with. I felt that same kind of peace when I used to cross-stitch. I'm sorry I can't do it now, but my fingers and eyesight make it too difficult. I miss it but have substituted the computer and writing things. There is some fulfillment there.

    Well, enjoy your knitting, Linda. Think of all the people you bless because of it.

  7. Crocheting and knitting are so relaxing!
    A colleague of mine is going to show me how to make "Santa's boot" with granny squares... I guess I'll start early for next year :o)

    I stopped by your previous post to leave a Happy Birthday to your Dad...
    Linda... are your reading Ann's book? It's wonderful! I'm so excited for her... what a gift she is ♥
    I feel so connected to the broader Christian community through her blog and through meeting you and many others "out here" ~
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

  8. The Lord seems to be speaking the same thing to so many of His people right now.
    To "breathe" our lives deep, to rest in Him, to embrace this very moment - attentiveness, perhaps would be a good word for it.

    I love it.
    Would love to walk more fully in it, being a somewhat "scattered thoughts" person :-)

  9. :)

    My grandmother called the fast style the German Way. Of course that's what she taught me. And it is FAST! :)

    But however we knit, it's the rhythmic click I love. And the way time suspends.

  10. you are a good self learner.

    your words are a good reminder to listen for the call to these kind of moments.