Monday, January 31, 2011

Some Things to Share

It has been one of those days - up early and out the door - running all day long. Consequently....I don't have a proper post for today. There are however, a couple of new and interesting things happening that I am eager to share with you.

Perhaps you've noticed the lovely Victorian lady in my sidebar. She came from Tonia's blog, Study in Brown. Tonia has decided to resurrect a club she formed years ago. I think if you go here and read what she has in mind, you will be delighted.

Over at Culture Smith, Cheryl is looking for innovative ideas on simplifying life. I am sure that most of you have things you would like to share. Every Saturday she will provide a place to share ideas. Who of us couldn't use a little help in simplifying our lives? I could use quite a bit of it to tell the truth. My days seem to just rush by at breakneck speed. I want to slow things down and savor the moments.

There is one more thing I'd like to share with you. I imagine that by now nearly everyone knows about Ann Voskamp's book. If you've ever read her blog, A Holy Experience, you know what a gifted writer she is. I have just begun reading "a thousand gifts." Some have described it as life-changing,and I don't think they exaggerate. I recommend it with all my heart. There will even be a Bloom Book Club beginning this sunday with videos of Ann discussing her book.



  1. To not have anything to share, I think you did a lovely job of sharing. Great post!

  2. Simplifying our lives... oh yes! Thanks for sharing this site I have not seen before Linda! Are you joining the book club? I am hoping to make the time!

  3. I am hoping to read Ann's book at some point ... her blog is one of my daily stops.

    Looking forward to checking out the others you mentioned.

  4. You are generous of heart, with your sharing here. I'm in the middle of Ann's book, and TRYING to read is sloooowly, even though I want to race through it.

    I hope to participate in Cheryl's Simplicity project. Headed over to see what Tonia is up to. Thanks for the tip!

  5. I have the book started it today while my husband was having surgery.

  6. Wow! You've given us a lot to ponder. I am quite interested in all of them, although I'm more likely to participate in the first two.
    I have planned to get Ann's book, so will put it on my list of to do's for this week. I will look into the Bloom Club thing, but I'm not reliable when it comes to book clubs and esp. tuning into something on Sundays. However, I really appreciate knowing it's out there.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to give us all this info.:)