Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Thinking we were complete
we walked through our days
not understanding why
there was a certain sense
of something missing
someone missing

Slowly the realization came
there was room for one more
in our hearts
perhaps a little someone
who would make us complete
someone special.

We began, with prayer,
to search for her
for that was all we knew
the someone missing
was a little girl
someone unknown.

We looked through heartbreaking books
so many little faces
with longing eyes
how to choose
from so much need
just one someone.

She came unexpectedly
a gift from Him
softly curling chestnut hair
sweet smile and light brown skin
different from ours
Someone just right.

She gave more than we ever could
little sister to two big brothers
all smiles or tears
spirited and strong-willed
gracious beauty from within
Someone so loved

All grown now
walking down the aisle this spring
we will watch with tearful smiles
remembering the way
she completed us
Someone so precious.

This is my contribution to Random Acts of Poetry at High Calling and One Stop Poetry




  1. Wow! Ms. Linda this brought tears to my eyes. Seeing as to which I know your family for many years. And knowing your sweet young young lady now a woman is marrying. What an awesome experience!. Blessings to you and yours!

  2. Oh how beautiful, Linda, and how blessed you have been too. I can't wait to see the wedding photos, and the love and pride in your eyes as you watch your daughter marry.
    Just beautiful. She is just as blessed with her Mum!

  3. So so beautiful (o;
    she should be so touched by this poem.
    How exciting this wedding will be for you.
    I read the post before this earlier...and got lost in the links and when I came back you had posted again... so I enjoyed the last post too.

  4. Seriously Linda this made me tear up too! Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

  5. so so precious , Linda.
    such love

  6. smiles. thank you for making such an impact on another life by having that place in your heart...an excellent one shot!

  7. oh Linda. you are so special. what a gift you are to the world, and to your girl.

  8. Beautiful poem, Linda--beautiful tribute.

  9. The gift of love is always right. She will carry yours in her heart and give it to her children. You live on because you paid it forward. Kudos. the poem says it all. Gay @beachanny

  10. Visiting from (in)courage community ... such a beautiful poem! And a beautiful story it tells ...

  11. oh. my. goodness.
    i'm speechless.
    love you, Linda.

  12. I admire a family like yours who can give so much love to a little one.

  13. I love this post and this picture! And I can't wait to hear more as the wedding plans progress. What is the date of the big day?

  14. What a beautiful poem! And story!! How precious! Excellent one-shot and congrats!

  15. Oh, Linda, the poem, the photo, prayer, the life, the family, the bride-to-be...all so precious.

  16. Oh, Linda! This is AMAZING. How very wonderful! I didn't realize you had adopted also, and you know, my two children are too. Maybe I knew and am not remembering. She's getting married? Oh she will treasure this poem, I'm sure. God bless her. Love that photo of the precious little baby. I really liked the way you used the word "someone."

  17. It's amazing to me how the heart can know it's missing something... someone. And although I have experienced that first hand, it still amazes me.

    This was beautiful!

  18. I like the line "little sister to two big brothers." Thanks for sharing this.

  19. oh, your daughter is so beautiful, and so fortunate to call you mama, linda. this is a gorgeous poem. and i LOVE the new look of your blog. xo

  20. Oh, this moved me to tears. Thank you for having the courage to look for her and cognratulations to you on her upcoming big day!

  21. a wedding! now, that is cool!