Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Thinking we were complete
we walked through our days
not understanding why
there was a certain sense
of something missing
someone missing

Slowly the realization came
there was room for one more
in our hearts
perhaps a little someone
who would make us complete
someone special.

We began, with prayer,
to search for her
for that was all we knew
the someone missing
was a little girl
someone unknown.

We looked through heartbreaking books
so many little faces
with longing eyes
how to choose
from so much need
just one someone.

She came unexpectedly
a gift from Him
softly curling chestnut hair
sweet smile and light brown skin
different from ours
Someone just right.

She gave more than we ever could
little sister to two big brothers
all smiles or tears
spirited and strong-willed
gracious beauty from within
Someone so loved

All grown now
walking down the aisle this spring
we will watch with tearful smiles
remembering the way
she completed us
Someone so precious.

This is my contribution to Random Acts of Poetry at High Calling and One Stop Poetry