Saturday, March 26, 2011


I walk silently
the only sounds
my own breathing,
sandals hitting the pavement.
Softly it comes,
the sound of a
winged choir
Liquid notes
making melody
A multitude of
divergent chords
filling the background
Mixing together
to become praise
to the One
who has made all things.

May we join with creation in praise this weekend to One whose love never fails,


  1. I woke up to a winged choir this morning... in the snow! Have a wonderful weekend Linda! :)

  2. yes, may we join in praise to the Lord!

  3. their songs hold such beauty and cheer ...

  4. Our birds came back the other day, and it was a pleasant sort of startling when I went out and opened the garage door and heard them all having their party in the trees.

    (They weren't impressed when a couple of days later we were pummeled with another blizzard along with rain and ice and 12" of snow!)

    Beautiful piece Linda. I love how He brings spring through their singing.