Friday, March 25, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Waking Up

I am joining Lisa-Jo today for Five Minute Friday. She has chosen "Waking Up" as this week's topic.

Here goes:

I have been sleep-walking through the days - burdened by things that only He can change. I have prayed and friends have prayed. I have waited. I have longed to hear His voice.

I have known that He is near. This morning, though, He "spoke" in a way that brought tears. I know it was Him. It was so personal, so exactly to the point.

It isn't that life is suddenly in crises. It is just, perhaps, that the burdens feel a bit heavier than usual. Everything dims and life loses its bright beauty.

Today, we took the long way home from down - meandering down country roads, soaking in the scenery. We passed a field that was covered with pink Evening Primrose - my favorite wild flower - and suddenly I saw the world in technicolor. I saw His hand touching earth and knew in my heart that all would be well. A gentle nudging awake....

stop -

To read more on waking up please visit Lisa-Jo's. You'll get to see her brand new baby daughter Zoe Grace too.