Friday, March 11, 2011

This Day

We stood in the driveway this morning waving good-bye as the big RV pulled out and headed north. We will see them one more time before they begin the journey home, but good-byes are always sad.

Just an hour or so before they left we heard the news about the terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan. An unimaginable disaster coming suddenly in the middle of an ordinary day. A day that must have seemed like any other. No need to mark the minutes or do the one thing you would regret leaving undone; no need to say the things that pressed most heavily on your heart. There would be time enough.

As the RV made the turn out of sight I thought about the time we had spent together. In light of the tragedy in Japan, those hours took the form of a precious gift. The conversations around the kitchen table, the long walks, the laughter - all priceless treasure.

I am learning to walk more slowly through my days, to cherish the ordinary moments. I am given this one day. If I have eyes to see, with my focus more outward than inward; if I listen more than I speak; if my heart is turned toward Him, I will live it to its fullest.