Friday, April 29, 2011

I'd Write - (If I Thought I Could)

I'm winging it today with all the other bloggers who take the Five Minute Friday challenge at Lisa-Jo's.

Today's topic:
"If I Knew I Could, I Would"


If I knew I could actually put that mystery that's been banging around in my imagination for such a long time on paper I would. I would bring to life that sixty-something lady who has spunk, intelligence and whose heart is totally sold out to Jesus.

There would be stories to tell and wonderful characters to meet - and a compelling mystery that needed solving. I would stop dreaming and start writing. I would stop trying to get the whole plot ironed out in my mind first; stop trying to figure out "who-done-it" and get on with it.

I would stop being afraid that I had no business to even try such a thing, because it's all been done before and done better than I could possibly do it. I would stop telling myself that I'm not a real writer and begin to put some words together. I would put the fear of failure behind me and step out in faith.

If I could...


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  1. There is no doubt in my mind that you could do it! I think once you start, it would write itself! Go for it!!

  2. Do it, Linda. Stop the telling yourself and start telling the story. We want to meet those characters in your head. (Now, that didn't sound quite right...)

    What's to lose?

  3. Sounds like a best seller to me!

    I have a wish to write also. Oh if we would "Just Do It."

  4. Well you can write...
    we know that!
    Do it.
    why not???
    I want to write stories about growing up...even if just for the Grands...but it takes lots of dedication to just DO IT (o:

  5. Linda?


    what have you got to lose?
    think of what we would have to gain...

  6. I am going to give you the link to my very favourite blog: Chatting At The Sky.
    She talks a lot about art: and life as art.
    She has a book coming out in Sept called Grace for the Good Girl and she is utterly brilliant.
    Here is the link thats relevant to your post:

    Don't be surprised if you get completely hooked :-)


  7. You have what it takes: all of it. This risk will only cost you finding out what God can inspire in and through you with this gift he has given you. So spread your wings and let it all hang out! You will feel so alive with a project like this! I just know it!

  8. Dear Linda!
    I wish you all the very best as you get closer to a very special day with your family!
    A wedding! This is such a beautiful moment...that lasts a lifetime.
    Faith will make it grow and live long.

    They have a beautiful example in you and your husband. They do know love and will want theirs to be as strong and enduring as yours, as beautiful and tender.
    Blessing always, Linda!
    ps. You ARE a great writer!