Friday, April 29, 2011

I'd Write - (If I Thought I Could)

I'm winging it today with all the other bloggers who take the Five Minute Friday challenge at Lisa-Jo's.

Today's topic:
"If I Knew I Could, I Would"


If I knew I could actually put that mystery that's been banging around in my imagination for such a long time on paper I would. I would bring to life that sixty-something lady who has spunk, intelligence and whose heart is totally sold out to Jesus.

There would be stories to tell and wonderful characters to meet - and a compelling mystery that needed solving. I would stop dreaming and start writing. I would stop trying to get the whole plot ironed out in my mind first; stop trying to figure out "who-done-it" and get on with it.

I would stop being afraid that I had no business to even try such a thing, because it's all been done before and done better than I could possibly do it. I would stop telling myself that I'm not a real writer and begin to put some words together. I would put the fear of failure behind me and step out in faith.

If I could...


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