Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Unseen Gift

The wedding is just a week away. My mind is filled with so many things as we get ready to release the last little "fledgling" from the nest. One of those things has to do with a gift - something special and meaningful that transcends monetary worth.

I have an idea or two, but as I thought about it today I knew there was one gift that I want to give her above any other. It is the same one I longed to give her brothers when they too stepped into a new life. Unfortunately it is one I cannot give; it is one they must choose to take for themselves.

I want, more than anything, to give her a faith that runs true and deep; a love for the Father that grows with every passing moment; an insatiable hunger and thirst for His word. I know that she knows and loves Him. I want so much more for her.

My own Mother gave me so much. I cannot think of a thing that was lacking. But she could not give me her faith. I had to make faith my own - to decide if these beliefs were mine. I remember a time in my adult life when I called into question the things I had believed since my earliest memory.

We can teach our children about Him. We can model faith for them. We can give them every opportunity to learn and grow in wisdom and grace, but the time will come when they have to make it their own. Then our gift becomes a prayer; a prayer that the Father will hold them tightly in His hand and draw them ever closer to Himself; a prayer wrapped in all the love we have.


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  1. Oh, Linda. Isn't this my deepest desire too? It's so hard, isn't it? To step back and let them claim that faith as their own. My boys aren't any where near marriage and I am already struggling with this!

    And, really? Just a week away! I am getting nervous butterflies for you and your girl and for everything to go just so! I"ll be praying for just that. And for the unseen gift too.

  2. It is so true; we can't choose their faith for them. My three daughters were in church with us every Sunday until they got out on their own; now only one goes. It worries me; I know they believe but they haven't kept their own children in church.

  3. yeah, i hear you...i want that for my boys as well...and i got a ways to go to releasing them but i already feel the pressure...

  4. And our prayers are gift as they go on their way ... you have planted beautiful seed.

  5. So beautiful and so true, Linda. I didn't realize the wedding was coming so soon - will you post pictures? You will make a beautiful mother of the bride.

    It is so hard to watch them struggle with God.

  6. You voiced so well a mother's desire. But we are living examples and prayer warriors and that are two pricless gifts.
    I didn't realized the wedding was that close! Remember to take little moments to breath deeply and savor this time.

  7. There's not one single doubt in my mind that you've given her an example of a life lived by faith, loving Him. That kind of picture sparks longing within each of us. Blessings dear!

  8. I think our children come to Him, because they know he is the Truth, as He manifests his Great Love and Power in this Amazing World, and in the ones we love.


  9. And yet, perhaps, we can give them glimpses of faith, or the scent of it on years of days.

    This was very sweet. (And your comment at Seedlings made me laugh!! :)

  10. my dear linda, i know. me too. this is all i want, and if only i could extract faith from my own heart and plant it in his. but you're right: our gift becomes a prayer. this is a beautiful post, friend. i love you.

  11. Celebrating this special time with you, Linda!

  12. I had to make faith my own

    Yeah, I once talked with a guy in a coffeshop whose mom knew my parents. He wanted to talk about our parents and their crazy faith. He started the convo by saying incredulously "You don't share their faith do you?" "No," I answered, "I have my own relationship with Jesus." So, so true, to be of worth it has to be my own. Congrats on your daughter's wedding. Please post pictures. I want to celebrate with you.