Thursday, June 23, 2011

Feelings and Faith

Her name is Feelings.
She dances onto center stage of my heart
twirling, glittering
pushing the Other into darkened corner,
beautiful face hidden from view.
I wait to see.
Will her perfect features light
the stage
Or will she be wearing
one of those masks?

Her mask of Discouragement,
with down-turned mouth
and hooded eyes,
portends a day heavy and dark,
words of condemnation
ringing in my ears.

Worry's mask, eyes anxiously
looking all around,
foretells hours of
imagined terrors,
a frantic trying to
gain control.

The eyes in the mask of fear
cause me to look away,
to long for a place
of safety
to hide behind voice
loudly spewing words
that hurt and demean.

With sigh of relief
I see she wears the
mask of happiness and
satisfaction today;
together we will chase
joy at breakneck speed,
stuff the other masks
behind her back
and let self have her way.

The other waits quietly
in darkened corner;
waits for awakening
to the truth
that Feelings is a false friend,
her promises empty
her ways destructive.

Faith waits,
face serene and glowing,
feet firmly grounded
on Words that have
stood the test of time;
on the testimony of lives transformed,
filled with joy, peace and contentment.
She waits to take center stage.

linking to Emily's imperfect prose today