Friday, June 24, 2011

Wonder/ Five-Minute Friday

Our Five-Minute Friday prompt is "wonder". (Just five minutes of writing without planning or editing!)


Another drought. The rains that filled the lakes and streams last fall seemed to disappear, and only a few inches have fallen so far this year. The earth is cracked and dry and the beds of rivers and creeks lie exposed to the unrelenting sun. We look to the heavens and cry out for rain. For days, weeks, months we cry out to God for rain.

Last time I wondered if He heard - became anxious and fearful that for some reason He was punishing me, turning a dear ear. But the rains did come; they came in abundance. I was so thankful - and perhaps this slow learner was even a bit wiser.

This time I didn't wonder, but oh how I prayed. Two nights ago, as I lay down, I saw the faintest light flash across the dark sky. I couldn't sleep. I prayed and prayed. The lightning increased in frequency and then came the distant roll of thunder. The trees trembled - and the rains came.

I got out of bed and walked to the big kitchen windows and watched in wonder as answered prayer poured from the heavens. Wonder that He would hear and answer prayer; that He loved us enough to see the parched earth and send down life-giving rain. He is a wonder- more wonderful than mere words can express.




  1. Linda,
    I'm new to the Five Minute Friday deal. You are ahead of me in the postings. This is what I have to say about your Five Minutes...

    Amen!! HE is more wonderful than mere words can express.

    Be Blessed

  2. This was a lovely post. I truly enjoyed reading it and I could picture the rolling in of grace-filled stormy rains.

  3. I enjoyed reading this! Your wonderings focused on something positive and amazing....the power of prayer. I get stuck wondering about unanswered prayers. Hmmm....
    Have a good day!

  4. Next time you pray for rain make sure you attach a specific location to the requests.

    It's all been coming to Iowa ;)

    Great post tho :)

  5. I was truly thankful when you got the rain; we're still very dry and no relief in sight. Yesterday I told myself I was acting like the Israelites in the wilderness, murmuring. But, even though we don't get rain, I know others who do get it, need it just as much as we do, and God will take care of us. I so admire your faith.

  6. beautiful rain...beautiful post.
    Loved the birds on the bird bath 9o:
    Happy BD to your son and granddaughter.

  7. it's difficult to describe the wonder of seeing prayer answered ...

  8. You have captured the wonder of his grace so beautifully... sharing fabulous beauty with those who pass this way. Nice post!

  9. I like how the sky's color, the way the trees are leaning, and the big splatters on your windows tell your story of blessed rain and answered prayer. Beautiful.

  10. And here we've had so much rain that many farmers still haven't been able to get into their fields.

    And yet in the drenchings and the droughts--He is wonderful!

  11. A beautiful free-write, Linda. And so thankful that you had rain!

  12. Hullo there - long time no see :-)
    Just to say I love the idea of the 5 minutes of free writing and specially love the topic of wonder.

    I had on my sidebar (Allie Chilling days) "Wonder presses against the boundaries of all that is known" -
    The gifts of wondering and wonderment are truly precious!

    So glad you received showers of blessing!