Friday, June 24, 2011

Wonder/ Five-Minute Friday

Our Five-Minute Friday prompt is "wonder". (Just five minutes of writing without planning or editing!)


Another drought. The rains that filled the lakes and streams last fall seemed to disappear, and only a few inches have fallen so far this year. The earth is cracked and dry and the beds of rivers and creeks lie exposed to the unrelenting sun. We look to the heavens and cry out for rain. For days, weeks, months we cry out to God for rain.

Last time I wondered if He heard - became anxious and fearful that for some reason He was punishing me, turning a dear ear. But the rains did come; they came in abundance. I was so thankful - and perhaps this slow learner was even a bit wiser.

This time I didn't wonder, but oh how I prayed. Two nights ago, as I lay down, I saw the faintest light flash across the dark sky. I couldn't sleep. I prayed and prayed. The lightning increased in frequency and then came the distant roll of thunder. The trees trembled - and the rains came.

I got out of bed and walked to the big kitchen windows and watched in wonder as answered prayer poured from the heavens. Wonder that He would hear and answer prayer; that He loved us enough to see the parched earth and send down life-giving rain. He is a wonder- more wonderful than mere words can express.