Friday, June 17, 2011

Home Is Where the Heart Is

The word for today's Five Minute Friday is Home:


There are some expressions that have become trite in their familiarity. "Home is where the heart is." It trips easily off the tongue and is so comfortable that it has lost a bit of its import.

When I think of home, it isn't the hundred year old house with its two porches, white wooden siding and the secret staircase to my bedroom with the tiny window. The one my Dad labored for five years to restore after a hard eight hour day. The one that still fills my Mom's heart with yearning.

For me, even in my sixties, it is them - my Mom and Dad. Wherever they are, whether in the big house they moved to in Pennsylvania, or the little apartment in the back of our house, or the new little home just a thirty minute drive from here they are home.

When I walk in the door, they are what speak home to me. The warmth of knowing I am a cherished child and always welcome....


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picture: Mom, Dad and me - the beginning of home