Friday, June 17, 2011

More Wedding Pictures Than You Ever Wanted To See!

My daughter and I have been having a great time looking at all the beautiful wedding pictures. It is hard to choose just a few out of so many, but I forced myself! Here we go:

the bride and groom sharing a moment before the guests arrive

We are now family!

Lisa, me and Steve

Grandpa and grandson - always having fun!

the cake

a kiss from Grandma

It was a lovely evening. We have a new son who is loving, wise and gentle. We are blessed.

With love,


  1. a wonderful set. i so enjoyed looking at them. thanks, linda.

  2. Ah, Linda - the happiness just radiates from your beautiful daughter's face! Such a special day. And I am QUITE happy to see another hundred or 2 photos!

  3. A gorgeous couple. It was great to see these photographs, Linda. And actually, there are never too many wedding photos for me.

  4. Thank you Linda for sharing
    these wonderful pictures of your
    beautiful daughter and new son!
    I enjoyed them.

  5. Oh, Linda. I'm a real sap for wedding pictures. These are wonderful. Congratulations to the new coouple (and to the groom's in-laws, too.)

  6. Linda I enjoyed the pictures very much. A wise and gentle son -- so very thankful for him. God is good.

  7. There is no such thing as too many wedding pictures! It was a beautiful occasion. Where will they live?

  8. what a beautiful family and day ...

  9. Beautiful, beautiful pics, Linda! I am so happy for all of you. May God richly bless the happy couple!

  10. Oh, Linda, such beautiful pictures and how can anyone get tired of seeing wedding pictures:-) You all looked absolutely stunning! That blue colour suits you so well. xoxo

  11. All joy, everywhere! It's bursting in color and grins and kisses and laughter! What a glorious celebration of their marriage--thank you for sharing this with us.

  12. Oh how lovely! Great looking couple! Like someone else said, I never tire of looking at wedding pictures and this was no exception. So thankful for the happy time in your family.

  13. You can never have too many weding photos. I love the warmth that radiates from all of you! You are blessed and thanks for sharing the good news!