Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Journal

I have been tippy-toeing through the afternoons looking for quiet things to do while the "patient" rests. It's rather a nice state of affairs. After all, things like vacuuming will never do when one is trying to be silent.

I haven't been keeping a Journal in recent months, and I've missed it. Life seems somehow "unfinished" if I don't write it down. I had a nice book filled with heavy white pages just waiting to be filled. So I quietly gathered my supplies and went to work:

Pages filled with beautiful images and empty pages waiting.



  1. I love to do that too, Linda. I have reached the end of the pages with pictures and have been writing just words, and these photos of yours have reminded me that I need to make time to add beautiful pictures too. I am just so glad to have friends who prompt me to do extra bits!

  2. I love making and keeping journals
    of all kinds, Linda. Yours is just
    Hope your patient is doing well.

  3. I keep a journal of sorts on my calendar: temperatures, rain, trips to town (they're my circle days, and not many). It's always interesting to look back a few years to compare with today.

    I have to vacuum when Popa is out, and shut the door to the laundry room when he's inside; hearing aids have changed a lot of things around here.

    Your new picture is so wonderful; looks so cool and inviting. I have some bead boarding like that.

  4. I need to journal. I keep encouraging my kids to do so as well.

    I added a comment to my blog in response to your comment.

  5. nice...looks like you had some fun this afternoon...when i find a pic that intersts me i often tape it in my writing journal...

  6. Love your little is fun to do something like that. AScrapbooking does it for me...but I have not got it out in awhile.

  7. Will your lovely words accompany those images?!

  8. This is so beautiful, Linda! I often wish I had the knack for putting together lovely journal pages like this. But it's just words for me! I hope Steve is feeling better. Hugs and prayers to you.

  9. opps...Linda... that Tyson was me (Grammy)....I share the computer with my son and it gets mixed up sometimes couldn't be me....I never get mixed up (o:

  10. I've never kept a journal but so many of my blogging friends do and maybe one day I will start one:-) Beautiful images like the ones you put in your new journal will indeed encourage you to write lovely words to go with them. xoxo