Thursday, June 9, 2011

His Upside-Down Kingdom

Your kingdom, Lord,
is an upside down one:
die to gain
give to receive
bow low to be exalted
last will be first
poor become rich.

But this Father:
love my enemies
pray for them.
She has caused such
heartache and pain,
to those I love
most dearly;
and to me-
inexplicable and undeserved.

Bitterness and anger
have filled my heart,
it is a struggle to keep
from lashing out
with words that will
inflict pain
and satisfy a need
for my idea of justice.

Your thoughts are
not my thoughts.
Your idea is pray.

I bow the knee-
difficult, almost impossible,
at first
Circumstances don't change,
but something in
my heart begins to move.
And peace
I cannot understand
comes like a gentle balm.

I cannot fathom
Your ways, Lord,
in this upside-down kingdom,
but they are good.

joining Emily at imperfect prose today



  1. Thank You, Lord, for Your peace that passeth all understanding.

  2. Linda, the verses, "she has caused such heartache and pain" and "bitterness and anger have filled my heart" hit home. I don't lash out but it stays inside me and I avoid being around her. I say I've forgiven, but I haven't forgotten. It is very difficult to fathom the Lord's ways.

    You're very talented!!

  3. i am thinking that this poem may speak to many a heart.

    upside down, yes. and almost like a mirror image that looks much the same yet absolutely backwards..

  4. the beauty is that the upsidedownness works!

  5. Such wisdom here. Thank you.

  6. oh linda. so hard, this bending of knee... thank you. i needed to hear this tonight. have found it too easy to judge lately... love you.

  7. I didn't realize how many antonyms are given as commands in the Kingdom of God. What a great poem that expresses our frailty to understand all that life throws at us.

    Hugs, Christie

  8. How He loves to give that peace, Linda. How He loves when you (I) let Him.

    Beautiful verse.