Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Master Designer

I have been knitting ever since I was a little girl. My first attempts resulted in less than perfect projects – filled with holes where I dropped stitches and lumps where I made mistakes. In spite of that, I loved knitting and kept working at it until I eventually learned to make nice even stitches. In time I learned how to follow a pattern using different stitches. The finished products were much more rewarding!

However, there is one thing I have never done in all these years of working needles through yarn and that is to design a pattern of my own. I have great admiration for the ones who do it. I simply read the directions and do what they tell me to do.

...I have written in a lovely place today: Laced With Grace Please join me there?
Thank you dear friends.



  1. what a soft project you are working on ...

  2. My fingers just don't like knitting (o: Love other people's projects though. The moon picture was great and you poem. I will stop by laced with Grace.

  3. I used to knit and made a couple of nice things. But I had a hard time making things fit right. It's one of the very many things "I used to . . ." do. But oh, my, this post has hit me right where I live right now - I know He has a plan, and I know it is perfect, but right now it kind of looks like the wrong side of an embroidery picture - a real mess.

  4. Hello dear Linda:-)

    I always admire people who know how to knit! I remember making a scarf in Home Economics class when I was in grade 9 but that was about it where my knitting career is concerned! lol Mom crocheted for quite a few years and tried to teach me but I just could not get the hang of it. It's like sewing, she's such a wonderful seamstress and yet I can only hem pants! lol xoxo

  5. Beautiful project you have going. I don't knit but crochet a little.

    Wonderful devotional on Laced With Grace. Scriptures which are underlined in my Bible.

  6. Your work is so delicate that if I didn't see the yarn there, I'd think it was lace. I tried knitting once and I was 'all thumbs."
    I loved how you tied the knitting into the Master Designer of us all--so true. That scripture is esp. wonderful---sometimes I forget that I'm His creation. Thanks for the reminder. :-)
    (I haven't been able to comment--computer issues--actually the mother board of my computer needs replaced--my computer just stopped working and my husband's computer didn't seemt to like me--I couldn't get my comments accepted! I have a temporary one now, but none of my stuff is on it yet.)