Friday, July 29, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Still

I have come to look forward to these Friday prompts at Lisa-Jo's. I click over to her blog with anticipation, wondering which word she has chosen this week. Today the word is:


Still immediately conjures up images of quieting my heart and finding a peaceful place to rest and think deep thoughts, but for some reason my mind won't go there today. Rather I am thinking about the long waiting.

We are still waiting to see our home. It has been such a long time since the contract fell through, and I looked around at all the packed boxes and all the hopes and dreams and began the wait.

Years have gone by. We pray, fervently, daily. We wonder if it is right, this continued dream. We pray with open hands and ask if we should set the dream aside. Just when we think it is surely a definite "no," the phone rings with hope, and we show this place that has been home for 28 years to potential buyers.

We still wait...knowing that all things are in His hands, that He gives us good things, that we can be content in the waiting for He has given us so much.


Any thoughts on "still?" Come join us.

photo: Our land where we hope to one day build our new home.



  1. Prayers for you, new friend, as you wait, still, for what God has for you. Thanks for sharing your heart, glad to have found you here.

  2. praying for you in what sounds like it has been a long wait. But wow.. let me tell you your blog pictures even evoked a feeling of stillness in me! Blessings

  3. So sorry for your long wait, but the land is beautiful and will be a wonderful place when the time comes. I waited for years for a kitchen remodel and always kept this verse in my heart: "But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it." Romans 8:25 Of course this isn't refering to material things we hope for, but rather the redemption of our body. Anyway, it became my motto.

  4. Praying you have peace and are contented in your wait. God has created the perfect outcome, and I see you know that.
    May you have peace.

  5. oh i can has been 2.5 years since i left ministry because we could not sell our house...we are in the process of getting it fixed up once again, but...i still wait...

  6. Hi Linda!
    Oh I'm thinking of your long wait - your patience -
    And ...
    Your soft and loving heart which is a treasure you keep with you everywhere you go.
    Your land is beautiful, Linda, and I hope your waiting ends soon.
    God bless you always,

  7. So sorry for this hard piece in your journey - and I pray with you for an end to this particular waiting. Interesting interplay on both meanings of the word 'still' in this little still and still waiting...thanks for your thoughtful words.

    And thanks for the encouraging words you leave on my blog and others - you are always so kind.

  8. Our house in Cincinnati sold as you already know, making it possible for Mike and I to live together every day not just on every other weekend. However, no house has materialized for us here. Nothing even remotely right. We got to thinking again about adding on here to this teeny, tiny house. But it doesn't feel right to me.
    It's hard to wait, Linda--so hard at times to be 'still' and wait.
    Humbling words.