Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Pride of False Humilty

So much of kingdom life
is upside-down,
Seeing right in what
once passed for wrong,
Before I saw through
His eyes.

Silent conversations
demeaning self;
Focusing on faults and failures;
Denying His truth of
fearfully and wonderfully made.
Hoping, somehow, for approval
in the groveling.

I call it humility,
this putting down of self.
He calls it pride.

linking to Ann and to One Stop Poetry today.



  1. yes - i call it pride as well...humility is good but at a certain point it turns into the opposite direction...i like how you captured this linda

  2. I do think I'm guilty of putting down self; I'd never thought of it as being pride.

  3. Dear Linda,

    I stopped by here today from Ann's. I visit the person who posts right before me and right after me at Ann's on Mondays and Wednesdays to get to know the community. I loved your poem. It is EXACTLY what I needed to link to unfinished thoughts in my brain. What does one do with a Christian who is constantly demeaning themselves? and How is one humble unless they see their negatives? Your poem answers both.

    Are you in Ann Voskamp's group on Facebook Colossians in a Year: Two verses per week? One of the verses several weeks ago was Colossians 2:18 "Do not let anyone who delights in false humility and the worship of angels disqualify you..." Hmmmm, false humility is not a good thing. You call it pride. God hates pride.

    Lots to think about...
    Bless you, Linda,

    PS I'm sorry you are getting ugly comments. I'm glad you turned on your moderator.

  4. yes it is...and so easy to fall into...but you remind us too of a beautiful truth...

  5. The "right in what was once wrong. . . . before I saw through His eyes. . . . focusing on faults and failures. . ."
    I know this--it is me. My challenge is to keep looking through His eyes.

  6. Love your poem, Linda. I heard an
    excellent teaching recently about
    the thin line between humility
    and pride. It was eye-opening.

  7. Crazy irony, isn't it?

    When we try to be humble, seems we're anything but. We just costume it a bit. I get you here. I do.

    He's made you quite lovely, Linda. No need to demean when He's so fearfully and wonderfully made you.

  8. Dawn,
    I didn't know how else to get in touch with you. Do you have a blog? I'll go and look for you at Ann's, but in the meantime thank you so much for your comment and for taking the time to visit.
    It is so nice to meet you.
    I'm not doing the Colossians memory challenge, but I am doing one with Beth Moore. One verse every other week is more my speed!
    Thank you again.

  9. Dear Linda,

    Thanks for your kind reply. You have such a warmth about you. I am humbled by how you touch others. I went back several days to read other posts. Each such a gift to your readers. I am signing this through my blog this time so you can find me if you would like to do so.

    Praising Him for your ministry,

  10. So you have another fan named Dawn! Maybe I'll check her out when you get her address.

    Another lovely poem full of wisdom and thought-provoking words.

  11. That pride can definitely take on its own strength... when we allow it to.

  12. Linda,

    You *are* fearfully and wonderfully made. So glad I know you. Thank you for the way you glorify Him with your words in this place.

  13. I thought I came by and left a comment...but maybe not (o: My life has been rather confusing lately.

    Always love your poems....I know you so enjoy writing.
    Loved the Gaither song!!!

  14. ooooo very good. False humility can only be pride. A very great poem to express what too many of us suffer from. Deliver us from pride.