Monday, July 18, 2011

Thanks In the Time of Drought

When the days drift by in a haze of unrelenting heat and sun, it is all too easy to let the heart become a bit melancholy. Even those of us who perpetually see the glass half-full tend to get weighted down with the dull sameness.

We long for change - for the refreshing rain to fall, to wash away the dust and lift the heavy blanket of scorching heat. When billowy clouds hide the sun, we look upward daring to hope, but it is only a temporary reprieve. In such seasons it is easy to lose focus - to fail to see the blessings. They are there, despite the cracked earth and dry grass. He is always there, if we have eyes to see:

- cardinals, a half dozen or more, playing in the bird bath

- a fresh breeze first thing in the morning, to make the morning walk pleasant

- little wild flowers growing on the side of the road

- a house kept cool with air conditioning

- ice cubes crackling in glasses of iced tea

- fresh fruit

- star-filled nights

- people gathering to pray for rain

- music to lift the spirit

- the promises in His Word

- time spent with friends

- telephone calls from Paris

- a letter (a real live letter in the mail box and everything!) from a friend

- the beautiful Crepe Myrtle trees so full of flowers

- the spirit and heart of ranchers and farmers facing the loss of everything dear to them

- knowing, knowing by heart, that God is good

Joining with the community at Ann's today.

May His richest blessings fill your hearts,


  1. Oh I hear you Linda... feeling a bit weighted down myself. :) I haven't seen our cardinals in a while... think they are hiding from the heat! I love all the wild flowers around. I was just telling my husband today we need to pull over and pick some. A phone call from Paris... how wonderful! Yay for real live letters in the mail box. (I happened to write about that very thing for incourage this month... posted later this week!) :)

  2. Isn't "real" mail just the best?! I received some today too, and I am still smiling!

  3. I too pray you all will get some rain soon! I really like your list. There truly is so much to be grateful for even in the dry seasons!

  4. May your list be my list too? Always there are too many things to list because in Him we live and move and have our being.

  5. Beautiful list, dear friend. I am happy that you can come up with such a list in the midst of heat and drought. I can't even imagine how hard it is right now - when it's hot here, as it has been the last few days, and even humid, my head just aches. But we've been unusually blessed with rain every afternoon for about 10 days (stopped today). But we were fortunate to not have the hail that has hit so many other places.

  6. I love your sweet list
    and ever thankful heart.
    It is so good to give
    thanks to the Lord.

  7. Hi Linda - re your comment about Maine weather. I fear that it will be hot and humid. It's been so hot here the last few days that I just feel so drained. I can't imagine adding humidity too. But we'll stay inside as much as possible! The time will fly, and then we'll head for the hills with the family.