Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Older

Friday - and five minutes to write straight from the heart - no editing or second guessing. The word for today is:



I look in the mirror some days and wonder who that older woman is. When did all those lines make an appearance, and whose neck is that anyway? Most days I don't look too closely. I never really have. I just sort of wash my face, brush my teeth, comb my hair and face the day with just a touch of lipstick.

There I am with my beautiful young daughter and equally beautiful older mother. I find I don't long for the days of my youth and I don't dread my later years. It is true, that thing I've heard older women say - I don't feel any older on the inside. The heart, it seems, is ageless - forever young. It is the part of me that still leaps and dances, the part that still dreams. It is the part He sees when He looks at me. He doesn't see that face in the mirror - He sees "me."


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