Sunday, August 28, 2011

That Beautiful Name

The hymn that is on my heart this morning appears to be a rather "quiet" one as far as the internet is concerned. I was tempted to look for one that might be a bit more popular, but I can't seem to walk away from this one.

It was written by Jean Perry who was born on November 25, 1871 and died on May 5, 1937. There is little to no information on her. She penned these beautiful words and then passed the poem on to Mabel Johnston Camp hoping she would put them to music.

Mrs. Johnston composed the music but was unhappy with the result. She tore the manuscript up and threw it in the waste basket. Some time later her husband spotted the pieces and decided to take a look. He carefully put it back together, thought that the music was perfect for the words and convinced his wife to publish the song. I'm thankful he did. I love this old hymn.

That Beautiful Name

1 I know of a Name, a beautiful Name,
That angels brought down to earth;
They whispered it low one night long ago,
To a maiden of lowly birth.

That beautiful Name, that beautiful Name,
From sin has pow'r to free us!
That beautiful Name, that wonderful Name,
That matchless Name is Jesus!

2 I know of a Name, a beautiful Name,
That unto a Babe was giv'n;
The stars glittered bright throughout that glad night,
And angels praised God in heav’n. (Refrain)

3 The One of that Name, my Savior became,
My Savior of Calvary;
My sins nailed Him there, my burdens He bare.
He suffered all this for me. (Refrain)

4 I love that blest Name, that wonderful Name,
Made higher than all in heav'n.
’Twas whispered, I know, in my heart long ago--
To Jesus my life I’ve giv’n. (Refrain)