Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Grommer

The chairs are arranged in rows facing the flat screen tv fastened to the wall. When we walked into the waiting room that day, we had to make our way to the front of the room. It was a busy morning at the V.A.

We found our seats and settled in for the wait. I always, always bring a book. It is my insurance against having to wait abnormally long periods of time. My husband quietly watched the latest news flash across the screen.

Soon the familiar sound of a cell phone ringtone filled the air. I nearly jumped out of my seat as the loud "Hello!" rang around the crowded room. Evidently the caller was hard of hearing or this guy thought long distance meant you have to yell louder.

It must have been some time since they'd spoken. The whole waiting room was treated to all the latest family news. "Yeah, she didn't even know she was pregnant. Uh huh - twins!"

It was all I could do not to turn around and get a good look at this guy. On and on he chatted, growing increasingly louder. "Yeah - she went back to work. She's a groomer. A groomer. A Groomer!!!" Yup - definitely hard of hearing.

Cell phone guy upped the volume another notch - "You know, a groomer - G.R.O.M.M.E.R.!"

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I will admit I was annoyed at his rudeness for a long time, but he redeemed himself.