Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Remember to Smile

It has been nearly two years since I wrote these words. How is it that I can so easily forget the words gently spoken into my spirit? How is it that the daily living of life, with its joys and sorrows, can rub the sheen off a shining gift? The something I thought I would never forget had somehow slipped away.

I walk with head down along the unfamiliar walk to the mailbox. Everything is new, the familiar left behind to become someone else's every day. I feel that old shyness dogging my steps as I pass faces unknown to me. Then it comes - a gentle reminder of a long ago spoken word: "Smile."

Smile. I had forgotten. Forgotten the seemingly small ministry with the huge potential He had given to a heart longing to do something BIG. My head tilted up just a bit - eyes looking for the eyes of stranger.

Sometimes I cannot will the eyes of another to look into mine, but there are moments of connection. That is when the smile does its work.

If I had any doubts (and oh how prone I am to such things), that very evening as we descended the stairs from the choir loft a friend grabbed me in a hug. "You are such a blessing, she said. You have a beautiful smile."

I'm not so sure about the beautiful part, but the smile - oh yes. The Father gave me that smile, and He has asked me to use it for Him.

Have you discovered the ministry of a small thing? If you have, how does the Father turn your little into something BIG?