Thursday, October 27, 2011

Giving What He Has Given

The land is ready and waiting. Soon the heavy equipment will arrive - to drill for water, to lay the foundation, to build the framework for our new home.

We have pored over plans, spent hours deciding on colors and cabinets and faucets and lights and all the myriad things that go into making a house a home - for us at least.

The email arrived in my inbox the other day - the answer to whether or not we could give an extra gift to the boy who has become part of our family, the boy whom we have never seen in person but who has taken up residence in our hearts. World Vision must be very cautious about this matter of giving, especially in countries where the poverty is so devastating. It would make things difficult if one family seemed to be getting so much more than others. So they carefully, wisely, make these heartbreaking decisions.

"...we learned that due to the fact that the family lives in one room - house,
what is more immediate and necessary for them are the interior doors of
their unfinished house...In this case we think that
the entire GN would go to the family needs."

I thought my heart would break. We know that they have been working on this tiny home for years. I had imagined something just a bit more.

"One room; no interior doors."

I am bowed low with the weight of all we have been given. We have always had doors.

We have always had rooms. We are blessed with such abundance.

I am grateful - for all we have been given and for all that we might give.

My most recent memory verse is this:

"But who am I, and who are my people, that we could give anything to You? Everything we have has come from You, and we give You only what You first gave us."
I Chron. 29:14

Everything I have comes from His hands - everything. My only resources are those things that have been given to me by a Father who loves me with an unending love. Help me, Father, to give back what You have so graciously given to me. All I have is Yours; let all I am be You in me.

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