Friday, November 4, 2011

Five Minute Friday - "We Will Remember"

Today's word is:


(If you only have five minutes today, please scroll down and listen to the words of Tommy Walker's song rather than reading mine. They are words that will minister to you in a profound way. I'm sure of it.)

We sang it again in choir rehearsal this past wednesday night. It is my favorite Tommy Walker song. It gives me goose-bumps and I can hardly make it through to the end without the tears flowing. It is called "We Will Remember."

As we sing our way through the verses, my mind goes back - back through the years to the time I first met Him - a little girl who wanted so desperately to be sure she raised her skinny little arm every time the invitation to accept Jesus as Savior was given.

Back to a time when, even though I knew Him, I chose to walk the path of my own choosing. A time when I hurt Him with my selfish rebellion and childish anger. Back to a time when He forgave me for even that.

Back to a time when I thought He had finally turned His back and allowed the very worst of my nightmares to come true - to that time when I thought I might walk away for good. I remember how patient He was - how He listened to my angry accusations and bitter complaints against Him - how He loved me anyway. I remember the way He patiently waited and drew me back with love.