Monday, November 7, 2011

His Values

Compassion Bloggers: Ecuador 2011

I come to the computer screen eager to read their posts. I am excited for them, thankful for them, praying for them - but, I confess, a part of my heart longs to be part of them. To go somewhere far from all that is familiar and comfortable and do something BIG in His name.

My mind understands that we are not all called to the same thing - of course it does. It understands that prayer is powerful and miraculous and a high calling. It understands that circumstances, those things that truly do come to us through His hands, don't permit all of us to go to those faraway places. It knows that the Father uses both big and small things to accomplish His greater purposes. But still there is this longing heart.

And into this heart He whispers words of love. He tells me of the plan He has for my life and assures me that it is good. He asks that I be content and grateful. He has given more than I can possibly hold in my hands. In my longing to give Him more, I must be careful to calculate it according to His scale. When I give Him all that I am, no matter how insignificant it looks in my eyes, He counts it as priceless. I give Him the gift of my heart, and He asks me to trust that He will use it well.

With contentment and gratitude:

- time spent with a precious daughter

- cool, clear days

- walks

- good books

- discovering a new library

- filling music folders for choir practice

- an evening with the kids and grand-kids

- granddaughter hugs

- the joy in my son's face

- a husband who gives selflessly

- answered prayer

- praying for family and friends

- a "v" of ducks flying overhead

- abundant provision

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