Wednesday, November 9, 2011


For some reason, unknown even to my silly self, I have been running from writing this post for the past couple of days. It isn't anything profound or new; it has all been said by others with much greater skill. But the little voice persists.


It is all so heavy Lord,
so many needs that
weigh the heart down.
Sickness that has no cure
holding the future of precious lives hostage.
Waiting and hoping that
all we can do will be enough.

And I pray
because You have said "All things are possible."
I wrestle the burden off our shoulders
and lay it at Your feet.
You slip the yoke around my neck
and begin to walk beside me.

You take each need, each cherished soul,
and hold them to Your heart.
You sing softly,
fill bottles with tears
whisper words of love.
You tuck each one safely under Your wings
and gently number the strands;
with Your love You calm all their fears.

And the spirit flies free and weightless
on wings of promise.

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