Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thanks In the In-between

My eyes have learned to focus
on the blessings
those that stand in stark relief
against the ordinary every day
and those easily overlooked
the ones that hide in the shadows.

My eyes have learned to see
through tears and shattered dreams
to find the blessing hidden
under the heavy pile of
hurts and disappointments
of fear and doubt
of loneliness and despair.

But what of those moments
when the little annoyances
the petty grievances
the little stings of envy
the perceived injustices
cloud my vision?
Can I see through anger and
hurt feelings to the blessings within?

It is true
I have learned to give thanks
in the little and the big.
Help me, Lord,
to have eyes to see the blessing
in the in-between moments
those moments I choose to
look away and see only self
those moments when
my feelings blur my vision
and I cannot see You.

linking to Em's imperfect prose today



  1. Such a good goal for me as well!

  2. Those "little stings" get me every time.

  3. Learning to give thanks, too!
    Hugs and prayers,

  4. Linda...this is beautifully written...I love...have eyes to see the blessings in the in-between moments...amen...amen
    Blessings as we see with clearer vision...

  5. having those eyes is a special gift...and giving thanks in the small as well...lovely bit of verse...

  6. Those moments, sometimes they the little foxes that threaten to spoil the vines. I am learning to focus on those joy-catching moments, to fill my heart up with those. You describe the challenge beautifully, perfectly!

  7. how quickly my eyes cloud over too, linda. i sound much better on my blog than i am in real life. i struggle every day with seeing the glass half-full. i am learning that it's our choosing to see the beauty in the hard that counts... it's when it's easy to be happy that it doesn't really matter :) love you. and love the photo you chose to go with this...

  8. Your words, full of hope and reminder of the Larger, so beautiful. Thank you.

  9. This poem is so well-written Linda---I know you can write well, but I still thought perhaps it was from an established poet. Then I see that it is indeed yours.
    You've grown so much in your writing---you just wow me with your sensitivity to God and others and your gift with words.
    Also, like most things in life, you get better at writing poems, the more you write them.
    This touched the English teacher in me and the God child in me who is so much like what you wrote about.
    Thank you for your open, willing spirit to listen, write, and share. :>)

  10. Thank you, Linda, for your gifted words in sharing this.

  11. Oh Linda... love this. Your words are just beautiful. Eyes to see the blessing. Yes!!