Monday, October 31, 2011


I sit listening to her talk, basking in the glow of her joy - remembering back nearly forty-four years to the early days of my own marriage. The words bubble with laughter, and I silently give thanks. From the time she was a tiny girl we prayed for the one who would one day share her life. The one who would be there for all the joys and sorrow, the sunny days and the ones dark with rain clouds.

Thank you Father for answered prayer:

for time spent with these two beautiful women

for cooler days and brisk morning walks

for the work begun on our new home - the forms for the foundation that will support it all

a doctor who takes the time to be thorough - and then leans back to talk and laugh about all the things going on in our lives

the changing of the seasons - a constant reminder of His faithfulness

our adult choir joining forces with the middle school choir - watching with full heart as they worship

the heartfelt gratitude for four generations still sharing love and laughter and life


words - life-giving, live-changing words shared in this community

new neighbors - help us to be salt and light Father

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