Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It seems to me time, like a comic super-hero, has magical powers. It has an ordinary appearance, marching along in carefully measured ticks - never deviating from one day to the next. And yet....and yet, it can take a little girl and change her into a young woman in the blink of an eye - turning a deaf ear to pleas to just stand still for a little while.

When I saw her, after long months of separation, she took my breath away. Once again time flexed its muscles, and I was catapulted back in time to a day when I was younger than she is now. A dreamy high school girl, discovering love and dreaming of the day when I would marry and have children. Two little boys danced in my imagination - boys that looked remarkably like my high school sweetheart.

As I stood in the present moment, looking at my Granddaughter, I marveled at the blessing. The Father took the dreams of my youth and added such bounty. Not just two little boys - but a little girl too. Watching them grow into adults as time spun the moments into years. And then, the gifts I hadn't even known enough to dream - Grandchildren. My children's children embracing the legacy of faith passed down through the generations - through time.

I hugged her close and wondered at the grace and love that gives such good gifts.

Joining Emily today for Tuesdays Unwrapped.



  1. Love this. Rings so true with me too (o: My oldest will be ten in March and I can't believe it. just like you said... nothing holds time back... they are all growing so fast. glad you got to see her.

  2. Good grief, it took me a while to find the comment box!

    I love this, Linda. Mind you, I LOVE everything you write, my friend. So special. I am just starting out on the grandchild journey, but oh, I can see why you have written this. Dreams multiplying beyond imagining.

  3. So beyond what we can ask or think, isn't it?!

  4. Such a heartwarming post and so true how time affects our lives. I don't see my 3 year old granddaughter Lily very often but when I do, I marvel at how much she's grown, how much she's learned already, etc, and my heart swells with thankfulness that He has blessed me so much in my life. Love that picture of you and your granddaughter:-) xoxo

  5. This is so sweet and I love the picture of the two of you together. This will be a wonderful memory for both of you.
    Love those darling snowmen in your new header picture. I collect them and these are some of the cutest ever.

  6. First off, I love the header! Did you make the tablecoth or is it a quilt being used as a tablecloth?

    Second, I think Susie's comment says it all.

    Already my first granddaughter is 9 and so mature for that age. I know the teen-age years will come and go so fast---must savor the time. :>)

  7. Indeed, they grow up in the blink of an eye. My youngest has just become a teenager!

    Is this picture taken in your new house?

  8. The Father took the dreams of my youth and added such bounty... that is so beautifully said Linda! And a legacy of faith passed down through the generations, what could be better?!

  9. What a sweet post. It brought tears to my eyes.