Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It seems to me time, like a comic super-hero, has magical powers. It has an ordinary appearance, marching along in carefully measured ticks - never deviating from one day to the next. And yet....and yet, it can take a little girl and change her into a young woman in the blink of an eye - turning a deaf ear to pleas to just stand still for a little while.

When I saw her, after long months of separation, she took my breath away. Once again time flexed its muscles, and I was catapulted back in time to a day when I was younger than she is now. A dreamy high school girl, discovering love and dreaming of the day when I would marry and have children. Two little boys danced in my imagination - boys that looked remarkably like my high school sweetheart.

As I stood in the present moment, looking at my Granddaughter, I marveled at the blessing. The Father took the dreams of my youth and added such bounty. Not just two little boys - but a little girl too. Watching them grow into adults as time spun the moments into years. And then, the gifts I hadn't even known enough to dream - Grandchildren. My children's children embracing the legacy of faith passed down through the generations - through time.

I hugged her close and wondered at the grace and love that gives such good gifts.

Joining Emily today for Tuesdays Unwrapped.