Friday, December 16, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Connected

Joining the others at Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday today with the word



It is easier to stay connected these days than our Great-Grandparents ever could have imagined. We carry our lines of communication with us and, theoretically, we can always reach one another.

However, it has been my experience that despite cell phones and computers it is still often impossible for me to reach my loved ones. I am invariably given over to voice-mail and must wait until they check their messages. These marvelous devises, designed not doubt, to give me a great measure of control in my life are somehow sadly lacking.

There is one connection, however, that is one hundred percent reliable. The moment I utter a word to Him or a single thought flies heavenward, He bends down to listen. There is never a time He is too busy or hands me off to voicemail. There are no menus with numbers to push, no automated voices. He is always there - in person, listening with all His heart.

This is the one instance where I am totally in control. I am the only one who can break the connection. His desire is that I be connected at all times.



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