Tuesday, December 13, 2011


"But when the fullness of the time came,God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the law,"
Galatians 4:4

Christmas approaches,
days filled with anticipation.
We sing the songs,
bake the cookies,
decorate our homes and trim the tree.
We search for the perfect gift
and wrap it with hope.
We read the ancient story, light the candles
and wait for His coming.

And what of heaven over two thousand years ago?
How to calculate
the sense of anticipation
or know its parts?
Was it made up of an equal measure
of joy and sorrow,
as the Father gazed at His only Son?
Was there a small portion of regret
as He held Him in His arms?

The days counted down;
all of heaven must have held its breath,
watching love send the most
precious of gifts
to hearts that were waiting,
and to hearts that would not care.
He came.



  1. Very loving and inspirational words, Linda.

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog post! :-)
    It is nice "meeting" you, too. I saw on your profile that you are a fan of Jane Austen. I am, too! And my sister has a blog all about Regency era everything, including Jane Austen. ;-)

  3. Nice to "meet" you, too, Linda! And I agree that it's always fun to meet someone else who belongs to the Grandma Club. I was saying to a friend a couple of days ago that becoming a grandmother brings a whole new dimension to your life.

    Thanks for visiting my home tour, and for leaving your sweet comment.

    The verse you shared in your post today is one of my favorites (although, admittedly, I have many!). That phrase "when the fullness of time was come" always seems to be full of meaning...

  4. Now this one has me tearing up this morning - especially the last line - how it must break His heart that so many don't care!

    Have a wonderful day, my dear far away friend!

  5. Great words Linda.
    I love that picture of Mary and the baby Jesus (o:
    I just listened to the song with the names of jesus. It was wonderful.

  6. You know, you always make me see things in an entirely new way. Thanks for sharing your gift.

  7. That He came for all ... knowing. Such gift.

  8. Such beautiful thoughts here tonight... what a wonderful way for me to close my long day ~ anticipation ~ may He fill our hearts with everlasting JOY ~
    May He find His manger in our hearts
    God bless you, Linda!
    Have a Merry weekend and JOY-filled week before Christmas!
    ps. Jason comes home on the 23rd... I am so happy ♥