Tuesday, January 24, 2012



He made the choice,
confronted by the former prince
standing humble with tightly held staff,
with hardened heart and stubborn pride
to let the plagues begin.

His choice
bringing disaster upon disaster
not to him alone
but to everyone
in his care.

My choices do not stop
at the borders of my heart.
They reach out
to touch everyone around me.
Guard my heart, O Lord,
and give me wisdom and grace
to choose less of self
and more of You.



  1. Linda, this was great! I guess we always think of how others actions affect us, and not the other way around. Now I must try harder to be a good example.

  2. What a powerful reminder that our actions affect more than ourselves.

  3. "my choices do not stop at the borders of my heart..."

    Beautiful and wise, Linda.

    Thank you for your sweet words over at my place. We carry such a burden as mommies, don't we? I need to put it in the right Hands. Having a little trouble setting it down, but moving that way.

    You are such a blessing to me, sweet friend.

  4. Very beautifully put, Linda. Saying the prayer along with you.

  5. It's so much easier to condemn Pharaoh for having a hard heart, isn't it?

  6. Those heart borders are so permeable, aren't they? Hardly anything that springs up there stays neatly inside.

    Beautiful, Linda.