Monday, January 23, 2012



When I seek You,
Draw close to You,
I find myself turned upside-down.
Your ways are not mine;
Your thoughts beyond my reach,
And I struggle to understand
just the way it is.

The me I am dreams dreams,
ones that bring You honor
but also make me grow bigger
in the eyes of others,
this me who is forever
longing for acceptance,
secretly seeking praise.

You must increase,
and I must decrease;
that is the way of Your kingdom.
But will I become so small
I simply disappear,
left lonely and forgotten?

A tiny sliver opens in the heavens
I catch a glimpse of
decrease in You.
Peace, joy, hope, grace, mercy, life -
It doesn't look like diminishing.
Your increase brings me riches
no account on earth can tally.