Thursday, January 19, 2012

One of a Kind

I felt a curious mix of emotions the first time I saw her. Taken with her beauty and elegance - the way she gracefully tip-toed her way around the water's edge - there was a sense of sadness for her solitary state. She was the only one. Surrounded by ducks and birds of various "feathers," she stood alone on impossibly long, thin legs - clothed in white.

For many days she remained aloof from the others, but life can get very lonely when you choose that path. Gradually, with dainty, timid steps, she began to approach some of the others. The ducks seemed to want to keep themselves to themselves - not willing to make room for the awkward looking stranger. The grackles were another story. They were happy to admit this beautiful dancer into their little circle.

She seemed to enjoy their company. Certainly she was in no hurry to leave. I wondered, as I watched them interact, if she thought she was one of them. Did she see herself with short legs, black feathers, and stubby neck?  She went to great lengths to be accepted, walking where they walked and perching where she had seen them perch - never knowing, perhaps, how beautiful she is. Could she have had just one glimpse of her own reflection, she would have known.

There have been times when I've longed to fit in, to be just like everyone else- forgetting that I am unique. The Father has made each of us according to His design, and if we could just catch a reflection of who we are in His eyes we would know how very beautiful we are.

"I will give thanks to Thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;"
Psalm 139: 14a

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