Friday, January 20, 2012

Vivid Memories

The days seem to be slipping through my fingers like running water. My mind can't seem to catch up to the numbers on the calendar. It is Friday already and time for another writing prompt from Lisa-Jo - just five minutes to write about



Often it is the memories that are most hurtful or filled with regret that are the most vivid. But if I allow myself a moment to look back past all the painful moments I find the ones that are filled with joy - the ones I want to hold close.

I remember a little boy who rode his first little tyke bike at lightning speed and the way he loved to march around the house making a circle from the kitchen through the living room on to the dining room and high stepping back into the kitchen.

I remember the blond curls of the second one and the way he followed big brother wherever he led. And the day he lost his footing on a slippery little hill and turned to us and said, "My shoes have no gription!"

My mind is filled with the image of a little girl dressed in her pink ruffly nightgown and matching robe walking around on tip-toe. I used to wonder how her poor little toes could stand it.

I have a vivid picture of myself riding in the backseat behind my Daddy belting out hymns in a wonderful duet.


Please join us in this Five-Minute Friday get-together. It's such a delight.