Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baby Steps

I tend to want to run rather than walk - to experience the instant and not have to slog through the waiting. It often sets me up for failure followed quickly by discouragement and giving up altogether.

Our family has belly laughed our way through the movie "What About Bob" on numerous occasions. His baby stepping through life's difficulties seems so humorous until I turn the idea inward. After all, Bob eventually conquered his fears: "I'm sailing!"

I find there is a lesson to be learned from Bob. I actually put it into practice the other day. One small baby step in faith instead of a giant leap forward. I saw it work. Instead of the familiar downward spiral in a certain situation I changed the one small thing I knew He had been speaking to my heart. Instead of the usual heartache and misunderstanding there was a peace and joy I hadn't expected.

Are you like me - wanting to do it all perfectly and then feeling such shame and guilt when you fall back into familiar patterns? That shame and guilt is not coming from the Father who loves unconditionally and extends unfathomable grace. He is aware of our weakness and doesn't weigh us down with expectations beyond what we can manage at that moment. He patiently holds our hands as we take baby steps of faith and before too long we just may find that we are sailing!

Perhaps the words I read this morning will encourage your heart, as they did mine:

"Be content to go on quietly. When you discover somewhat in yourself which is earthly and imperfect, be patient while you strive to cast it out...
Leave all to God...be satisfied with the gradual progress He sets before you; and remember that He often works in ways unseen by us."
Jean Nicolas Grou

Just because one can never have too many Blue Bonnets.