Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our Shelter In the Storm

For twenty years a small gray and white ball of fluff graced our lives. Well, perhaps "graced" isn't the perfect word to describe her.

She lived outdoors because the boys in our family were very allergic to cats. So, despite her diminutive size she was feisty. One never knew whether she was going to purr contentedly on one's lap or take a chunk out of the hand that fed her.

In spite of that cloak of bravado she wore, there was one thing that reduced her to a limp ball of fur - thunder storms.

Her favorite spot was the porch railing. I can remember sitting out there on a summer day as the clouds began to gather in the blue sky. Slowly, almost imperceptibly Zeke's eyes would close and her head sink into her chest, and we would know a storm was coming.

She often slept on the railing (a rather risky business), but this was something different. It was almost as though she willed herself into a "cat coma." She was simply shutting down and shutting out the approaching trouble. At those times she became very docile. I carried her, without fear of injury, into her little house in the backyard where she would be safe from the storm.

I used to smile at this fearless little warrior, but I know that very often I do the same thing. When the storm clouds begin to appear on the edges of my life, I tend to draw into myself. I want to shut it out - just make it all go away. I look for ways to hide from the coming disaster.

There is no avoiding the storms. They will come. But I don't have to try to deal with them on my own. There is a hiding place for me. A place where I will be safe and protected. A place of promised grace.

The Father unfolds His wings and I run into that shelter. He wraps me in love and whispers words of encouragement. He is my help in time of trouble.

"Be good to me, God—and now! I've run to you for dear life.
   I'm hiding out under your wings
      until the hurricane blows over.
   I call out to High God,
      the God who holds me together.
   He sends orders from heaven and saves me,
      he humiliates those who kick me around.
   God delivers generous love,
      he makes good on his word."

Psalm 57: 1-3

If you are going through a time of trouble, please know the Father is your place of safety. He waits with open arms to wrap you in His love and grace.


picture courtesy of photobucket (all of my pictures of Zeke are packed away for now).