Thursday, March 15, 2012

Consider the Ducks

I love these little guys. Their numbers have multiplied since I first began this new walk near our apartment complex. I imagine them arriving here with a sigh of relief at finding a pretty place to rest where they are warmed by gentle breezes.

They are still very timid - rushing into the water when they see my approaching shadow - but they are amazing. Seeing them flying over the little man-made lake and coming in for a perfect landing on the water is a delight. I sometimes hold my breath, but they always manage a graceful entrance.

When they are feeling hungry they arch their backs and dive under water. I count the seconds searching for little heads. For what seems like a very long time the surface is unbroken and then....up they pop.

As the temperatures climb, I anticipate the day I will walk by the lake and find that they have packed their little bags and headed north. And I wonder how they will know.

They encourage me, these little dependent creatures. They don't worry and fret when the temperature drops and the wind comes fiercely out of the north. They don't complain or gather in little groups to discuss the possibility of moving further south where it will stay warmer. They don't scurry around looking for a surplus supply of food just in case the next day doesn't provide all they need. They simply rely on One they cannot see to take care of them.

They don't seem particularly worried about the trip north. They aren't bombarding heaven with questions about when and where and why aren't we going now. They wait. He has never failed to send them on their way at just the right time.

Help me, Lord, to rest in You. When the fierce winds blow and when it seems You haven't heard my prayer - help me to trust. If these little ones are of such importance to You, how much more am I?

"Are not five sparrows sold for two cents? And yet not one of them is forgotten before God. Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear; you are of more value than many sparrows."
Luke 12: 6,7



  1. I need to be a little more duck-like today. Thanks, Linda.

  2. I am so amazed by birds. How they do what they do, how they take care of themselves with only a beak! lol HE certainly has created an amazing masterpiece with them. And such a lesson they can teach us! Beautiful post Linda! :)

  3. I heard the Canadian geese returning last night. Birds can teach us so much.

  4. There's an area not far from where I live where there are over 300 ducks verging, waiting for the waterways to melt. They sit in the middle of the road to warm up and many have gotten run over:-( I can't wait for the lakes to be free of ice so that they can go there and be safer!! I've also always found it amazing how birds know when it's time to fly north or south. As you say, though, He has never let them down in knowing when it's time:-) xoxo

  5. A wonderful lesson of trust. Thanks

  6. linda, your heart is so tender. i feel so loved whenever i come here. i feel God speaking through you. keep writing. love you.

  7. This morning before church, there was a mallard pair in the field right behind the fence. And then on the way past "Lake Abby," we saw one I'd never seen before--appears to be a bufflehead. I had my camera this time--made Dennis stop right there in the middle of the road.

    Such lessons from our feathered friends.