Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Worshiping the Golden Calf

It seemed the mountain
had swallowed him up.
Memories of miracles
faded into fear and murmuring.
They traded a distant God
for one they could see and touch.

The one who should have known
fashioned their treasured gifts
into an idol they could worship,
and the people rejoiced.
Basking in the glow of approval,
he declared "a festival to the Lord!"
be celebrated the following day.

Foolishly believing they
were worshiping the true and living God
by bowing before the forbidden idol,
they once again lost their way
breaking His heart
with their blind disobedience.

Lord, let me not create idols,
believing the lie
that I am worshiping You
when I bow before them.
Sweep away all the false
gods of my own creation,
and take Your rightful place
in my heart.

Exodus 32



  1. And let me not cling to one who should know
    but to the only to the One who knows all.

  2. You do this so well, Linda. How quickly we lose our focus.

  3. "Take YOUR rightful place
    in my heart." Yes, oh yes. :)

  4. we do celebrate a lot of pretty weird stuff...

  5. Sometimes I feel like computers, cell phones, the TV, have become our modern day idols. The Bible sits untouched while we spend time staring into a cold object.

    Are you still working on your book?

  6. Good morning, Linda!
    Your post today is so relevant to our current culture. So often now, we first look elsewhere for our blessings instead of seeking the One who made us...
    remembering that our Lord is our shepherd, brings glory to God.
    * * *
    We're getting some warm Texas breezes up here this week! I love it! It's bright out until 6:00 - love that too -
    Wishing you a wonderful Thursday, and a lovely, lovely weekend. God bless you always,
    ~ Maria