Monday, April 30, 2012

Cloudy Days

How is it Father,
that the spirit
is so easily bruised?
A harsh word,
a critical eye,
a meaning misconstrued;
the sun disappears
behind a leaden sky,
and nothing is
as it should be;
the inclination is
to wrap the heart
in self-protective shell
and take a vow
of solitude.

How is it Father,
that You will not
let us go?
Love gently, persistently
peels back the shell.
Truth slowly disperses
the clouds,
light making its
way into the
dark places;

And grace -
grace will sit
and wait.



  1. Mmm...beautiful, Linda.
    Love truly does peel back the shell.

    And grace, yes, grace.

    I actually wrote a song about grace a few months ago.

    May He continue to bring the sunshine and peel back the shell amidst those cloudy sky times.

    Hugs to you this Monday.

  2. Grace waits until just the right doubt about that.

  3. Ahh... beautiful Linda! And such a beautiful photo! :)

  4. Patient grace and undeserved mercy. Powerful photo, too.

  5. And what a healer He is...

  6. I've been there,Linda; a harsh word, and I wrapped myself in the self-protected shell. It's been a very hard shell to crack.

    Your poems are just so meaningful!

  7. Oh. My. Linda... Linda... You are a beautiful weaver of words.

    On an unrelated (or maybe related?) note: I was thinking of you today, remembering our walk up the path from Laity to the overlook. Missing you.

  8. This poem and the other preceding one are incredible Linda! Jennifer said it well: "You are a beautiful weaver of words.":>)
    This present poem esp. spoke to me because of some things God explained to me over the weekend, continueing into this week. Words can hurt terribly and I hurt my student teacher with some words. Hopefully some day she will look back and see that my toughness was not to hurt her but to force her attention (which had been lacking) and instruct her. But alas, she is quite sensitive and easily hurt (and in case you think that she is young and needs extra nurturing; she is 38 and a nontraditional college student about to graduate and go out into what can be a quite ugly world of teaching. My intent is show her how not to get 'eaten alive'.)