Wednesday, April 25, 2012

He Knows

Remember when
 I was a little girl, Father
 and I knew it was just
You and me?
 I never doubted or questioned.
 I prayed; You listened.
 I walked small
 on this giant planet;
You saw me,
 clear through to my heart.

I twirled and danced
and days spun into years
Time took a toll
on the knowing.
Can You hear my
small voice among the millions
see my heart
when there are so many others
aching and clamoring
for attention?

And Father ( I feel
ashamed and foolish to ask),
when I step from this life
into my forever home,
will You find me
in the multiplied millions?
Will I sit at Your feet,
feel Your hand on my head,
spend time - just You and me?

In the hidden places of
a questioning heart,
He whispers words
known only to me,
gently caressing my head.


Joining my dear friend Emily at imperfect prose:


  1. smiles....i love the humility in this...and the questions....going back to childlike wonder and faith was a nice touch to open because it put us there as you ask the a fathers ear...

  2. Linda this is wonderful. So beautiful. It would make an amazing song! :)

  3. I have never thought about how He will find me in the have written something lovely and I'm going to be thinking about this for a while. I love how intimate He is with us, and how you made me feel like a little girl. Small in a big world with a bigger God!

  4. Linda, I do believe this is my favorite out of all your wonderful writings! We do need to humble ourselves and come to God with the innocence of a little child.

  5. "Time took a toll on the knowing..."
    What a beautiful string of words.

    Is that you in the photo?!

  6. oh linda. i love that little girl in the photo. and this poem, it made me ache. i too think it's one of my favorites of yours... it speaks a longing we all feel. powerful, friend.

  7. Beautiful prose! He is my father too, and he will know us each and every one as we are known !!

  8. the child's knows.

  9. And he will, will he not? Know you out of the millions? And catch your eye?

    What a thing that will be. Beautiful, Linda.

  10. I'm catching up, Linda, and here I am catching my breath. This is so personal, so perfect. It's just "you and I," the Lord and me, and many and yet so personal.