Monday, April 16, 2012

To Curtain or Not to Curtain

My little brain is rather preoccupied with household things these days. Not much room in there for deep thinking right now. So...about the curtains. I have never had a home without curtains in every window. They speak warmth and coziness to me. I had fully intended to get lovely new curtains at some point. I even sent away for catalogs with beautiful country curtains and sheer elegant panels for the bay window.

However, when I looked closely at the beautiful cornice work over every window I began to have second thoughts. Should I really cover them up?

Not being gifted in the home decorating arena, I decided I'd better ask the advice of some trusted friends.

So trusted friends. What do you think? Curtains or no curtains? I am open to any and all suggestions.

All of the windows look like this: the kitchen

one of the living room windows

The bay window in the bedroom

a close-up of the cornice (is that the correct term?)

Thank you so much. I feel just a bit silly, but really - I just need help.



  1. Linda, I also love curtains, but alas! I don't have them in every room since we re-did some rooms a couple of years ago, and my windows are very plain. So I'm afraid I'm not of much help. I've always said, even if I had all the money in the world to decorate with, I wouldn't know how. I have a sister-in-law who can do wonders with her home. I'm sure you'll make a fabulous decision.

  2. I do not have curtains anywhere in my house - I've used a variety of blinds and in one room, some cloth valance treatment. I chose this route for this house because I love the light that comes in everywhere and I love the views out of every single window in the place. I also, however, use a lot of color in my house, so the walls provide some contrast to most of the windows. And I also hang a lot of art/photos/posters - so there is interest on the walls and curtains would be too busy. If your walls are going to stay white and uncluttered, you might want the softening effect of fabric on some of the windows. Live with it a little longer and see how you like the curtainless look.

  3. I might put them up in the bedroom to just soften that area and give an extra warmth to it. If you want to add some color to the living room, you could always do it half-way. That way you'd still show off the cornices and have light coming in, while having a little more privacy and again a bit softer look. I'd leave the kitchen one alone. You don't want to hide that view from your eyes as you're standing over that sink!
    Lovely windows.:>)

  4. I have the perfect lace curtains that I bought in Gruene that you are welcome to for your kitchen window. They are European looking and I could still see out and enjoy the view.

    I have wooden shutters in the front of my house and no curtains since I love the light. Also, in the back I have wooden roll up shades that are open all day, and so I tend to agree with adding perhaps sheers to soften in the bedroom with a valance that adds some color. Look at some websites like pottery barn etc that have a more simple look and see what you think goes with your style of decorating.

    I like to see the trees and the outdoors even though we are in a neighborhood.

    We need to get together when you feel you want to take a break. I understand that you are wanting to empty all those boxes and get settle right now. Please give me a call when you have the time and the inclination. Hugs.

  5. Your home is lovely Linda, just like you. :0) I am not a big fan of heavy curtains so I just have sheers on most of my windows. Yours are so pretty that that's all I'd have in the bedroom and living room. I'd leave the kitchen open or use just a lace sheer, as your friend above suggested. You may want to take her up on her generous offer. Whatever you decide, I hope you share pictures. Enjoy your new nest!

  6. well personally ... I like the look without (o: