Monday, April 16, 2012

To Curtain or Not to Curtain

My little brain is rather preoccupied with household things these days. Not much room in there for deep thinking right now. So...about the curtains. I have never had a home without curtains in every window. They speak warmth and coziness to me. I had fully intended to get lovely new curtains at some point. I even sent away for catalogs with beautiful country curtains and sheer elegant panels for the bay window.

However, when I looked closely at the beautiful cornice work over every window I began to have second thoughts. Should I really cover them up?

Not being gifted in the home decorating arena, I decided I'd better ask the advice of some trusted friends.

So trusted friends. What do you think? Curtains or no curtains? I am open to any and all suggestions.

All of the windows look like this: the kitchen

one of the living room windows

The bay window in the bedroom

a close-up of the cornice (is that the correct term?)

Thank you so much. I feel just a bit silly, but really - I just need help.