Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Place

"God knows where you are, and He can get you to where He wants you to be."

He began his sermon with those words, and I knew it was an answer to the cry of my heart.

If life is divided into seasons, I am in the winter of my life. The nest is empty. My days look very different from the days when three children filled the rooms with noise and things and love. I don't have nearly the time I imagined I would - for the days seem to fill of their own accord. But I do have more hours to call my own.

I pray and look back and wonder if I've followed the course He set for me long before I drew my first breath. Did I find the place He created me to fill or did I somehow miss it? And what of this season? What is it I'm supposed to be doing? Don't let me miss it Lord...

To finish reading this devotional please join me at Laced With Grace on Wednesday. It would be such a blessing to have you meet me there.



  1. Oh Linda, you don't know how many times I have thought about this season of my life ~ winter. My house was filled with three little girls; now I rarely hear from them. I have six grandchildren; now I rarely hear from them. I don't really know what I expected this season to be like, but sometimes I feel like I'm barely holding on to the balloon of life as it flies away from me. And more and more I watch for the Lord Jesus to come and take me home where I won't be afraid of things. Thank you for this post.

  2. I just read a devotional in Joyce Meyers The Confident Woman Devotional book. This one statement stood out for me (although the whole devotional ministered to me): "If our hearts are sincere and we are honestly seeking God's will, even if we do make a mistake, he will intervene and get us back on track. Quite often He does it without us even knowing.

    Boy, did I need that! I have yet another situation at school in which I am dealing with something I NEVER thought I'd deal with. My gut is to not get the principal involved because he has been like an angry bull crashing through the fences of people's lives and esp. the kids' lives. But others have told me to go to him. That check in my spirit says no. So I'm trusting God for the right words and actions or LACK of words to keep an emotional bomb from going off.