Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Place

"God knows where you are, and He can get you to where He wants you to be."

He began his sermon with those words, and I knew it was an answer to the cry of my heart.

If life is divided into seasons, I am in the winter of my life. The nest is empty. My days look very different from the days when three children filled the rooms with noise and things and love. I don't have nearly the time I imagined I would - for the days seem to fill of their own accord. But I do have more hours to call my own.

I pray and look back and wonder if I've followed the course He set for me long before I drew my first breath. Did I find the place He created me to fill or did I somehow miss it? And what of this season? What is it I'm supposed to be doing? Don't let me miss it Lord...

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