Friday, April 20, 2012

Together We Sing

Time for Five-Minute Friday. Every Friday Lisa-Jo tickles our imagination with one word. We then write, unedited, for five minutes about that word.

Today's is: Together:

go - My husband and I belong to our church choir. It has been such a blessing to both of us. I should insert here that he is an amazing singer; I can carry a tune. We meet every Wednesday evening to practice. It is a precious time that seems much more like worship than working on music.

 We begin to sing and the room is filled with His presence. It is a miraculous thing. When we learn new music, our music minister has us practice parts. The sopranos sing their part, the altos, the tenors and the basses. They all sound good - those parts - but it isn't until we put them all together that the music becomes alive. There is such beauty and power in the blending of the different parts all working together to form a beautiful whole.

 I think that is what we, as the body of Christ, are intended to be - a beautiful combination of parts that come together to form one glorious, edifying whole. If just one is missing, it isn't quite the same. Something is lost. We need to "sing" together so that we can be all that Jesus intended us to be. When we all do our part, however insignificant we may feel it is, it comes together in one glorious whole.


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Blessings, Linda


  1. Love love this analogy. So true! One of my favorites times of the week is choir practice, and whenever Dwight mentions possibly quitting, I have to talk him out of it!

    Did you get my email message yesterday?

  2. What a great analogy! Did you know C. S. Lewis uses a similar picture but with an orchestra? Great minds must think alike!

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog from Diana's list. How amazing to meet new friends. I can hear your choir as they sing and praise the Lord with lifted up hands and voices. My kind of worship!

  4. How lovely that we both made it on sweet Diana's list. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

  5. we need to sing together so we can be all Jesus intended us to be... oh, how i love this linda. and i love you. xo

  6. That is so wonderful to do that side by side with your husband Linda! Love it!