Thursday, April 19, 2012



I read the story Father,
tears blurring the words
finding grace and love
and knowing it is true
that You really do
see me that way.

I've blown it again Father;
I'm fighting tears and shame
feeling it is true
for everyone else,
but not for me.
I am somehow not.

You gently lift my chin
collect the tears and
pour them into the bottle
etched with my name.
You look into my heart
with eyes that burn with love,
and somehow I know
it is true.



  1. I always feel like it's not for me either, Linda. But you really have a handle on His grace.

  2. Lovely, Linda. Thank you. It is most definitely for you. And for Megan, too. And for me.

  3. Beautiful, Linda.

    And, those flowers are stunning.
    You truly are loved.

  4. I never cease to be amazed at how limitless and unconditional His love is. Thank you for this beautiful reminder.

  5. So many tears in this life. GOD must have a really big bottle. Every year He shows me deeper layers of His Grace and Mercy, but that means more amazement at the awfulness of my sin.

  6. There is so much grace and beauty in your words. I appreciate that you share them with us.

  7. Your poetry wonderfully flows from the heart Linda with a rhythm and imagery that warms others hearts.
    I was feeling this the other day and as I sat and prayed, that same feeling came over me--that He does indeed love me despite my faults.

  8. Linda--our tears are in a bottle with our name on it. Oh, Jesus is so good!
    Very glad to 'find' you here in cyber land.
    God bless you today.

  9. Another lovely lesson for us.
    Linda, I'm flattered that you submitted my name to the blog of older women. I don't feel I deserve it, but I'll check it out. Thanks!