Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

Yesterday we decided to drive the country roads not too far from home and search for some things for the new house. We began the hunt in Comfort - a small town filled with lovely shops. The streets were nearly empty, and we strolled and looked to our hearts' content.

 We enjoyed the looking but couldn't find anything that quite fit the size of our pocketbook (Old things are really expensive!). So we traveled a bit further to Fredricksburg. It looked as though everyone else had the same idea! We could hardly find a place to park.

Same story here, but we did buy a couple of chocolate chip ice cream cones. Then we slowly made our way home.

It was a perfectly lovely day.

 Blessings, Linda

P.S. I am becoming increasingly disenchanted with blogger. Why can't I get some decent space between the pictures? I've redone it three times, and it insists on setting itself up this way. Yikes!!