Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Storms

When we lived up north, I didn't give rain too much thought. As long as it didn't rain when we had an outdoor event planned, we were happy.

Having lived through a couple of very devastating droughts since moving to Texas, however, rain has taken on new significance. I pray for it and rejoice when it comes.

It didn't rain for a whole month when we first moved into the new house. I prayed fervently, dreading another summer like the last one. We sweated our way through  one of the worst droughts in Texas history. We watched lakes and rivers dry up. The earth cracked open and foundations moved. Ranchers sold their livestock and farmers simply walked away from the barren soil.

It has rained a lot in the past week. We have a surplus - a surplus. I am so thankful. As I thought about what a blessing rain is - the refreshing, the growing, the filling - I realized that it can serve another purpose too.

I plan a flower garden in that little area that looks like a pond. My husband dug under the sidewalk and installed a pipe so that it wouldn't flood, and it worked well - until it really began pouring. We realized that we would have to dig a little deeper to keep any flowers we planted from floating away.

I've been so anxious to plant flowers, but I'm thankful now that we had to wait. Sometimes the rains come and show us areas that need shoring up. We walk around in the sunshine thinking all is well, and all the while there is something hidden that only a storm will reveal.

When we know where the weak area is, we can use the time in the sun to make it strong - to lay down a sure foundation that will stand up to any storm that comes.