Friday, May 18, 2012

Your Name

Engrossed in the books lining the shelves of my favorite book store, I didn’t see  her standing there. Truthfully, if I had, I may have timidly turned and gone the other way before she spotted me.

 The leader of our very large Bible Study group, she is  a woman I deeply respect and admire.  The depth of her wisdom and her ability to communicate it have  ministered to me in ways that can’t be measured. Our eyes met. She smiled, “Hi Linda. How are you?”  My dumbfounded response was, “I can’t believe you remember my name.”

I believe there  is a yearning in every heart to be known – a recognition of our worth. How else to account for this counting of comments and followers, the posting of videos and pictures, the recording of even the smallest of events in our daily lives. A simple record of our family’s history can suddenly take on a life of its own – a competition with huge numbers the reward.

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