Friday, June 8, 2012


Time to write for five minutes - not edited and or gussied up - just poured out. Lisa-Jo has given us the word:



I come to Him with my expectations - my list of things I desperately need Him to do. I have thought it through and deem it a reasonable, even wise list. They are, after all. not frivolous "wants." They are things that, apart from Him, will never come to be. They need a miracle.

So I pray - get down on my face and plead. Day after day; week after week. The calendar pages flip and months turn into years. There are days when I turn my back on prayer - hunched shoulders and angry tears.  They never do the trick either, for I find that days without Him quickly turn to ashes.

Almost without my noticing something changes and my heart rests - no longer thumping wildly when I look down the days and months ahead. There is a something - something unexpected and certainly not asked for.

His peace slowly inches up from the depths of a spring deep inside and begins to fill this needy heart. He has not given what I expected. He has given so much more. It seems it is His way.


Joining the Five Minute Friday community at Lisa-Jo's today.